Our Work

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Your Chamber is involved in the community, and it shows. From tourism to housing, we are at work helping to keep Chattooga County moving forward for generations to come.

The Chamber is committed to working The Plan---Joint Comprehensive Plan 2021-2025

Appalachian Gateway Community Initiative

Nature. Arts. Community...A recipe for success!

To help communities develop thoughtful strategies around some of Appalachia’s most treasured assets,  The Conservation Fund launched the Appalachian Gateway Communities Initiative (AGCI) in 2007 with support from ARC and the National Endowment for the Arts.  


The Tooga Theater

The Tooga Theater

Working with the Commissioner's Office, Curtain Call, and the Northwest Georgia Regional Commission, the Chamber helped to secure funding from the Fox Theatre Institute to restore the facade and have the marquee installed. A fundraising campaign has been started, and other grants are being targeted as resources to completely restore the theater.


Chattooga GICH Team

Chattooga County was recently designated as a GICH Community, and the team has developed three main goals to improve housing:

  1. Reduce blight

  2. Increase midrange housing inventory

  3. Attract developers



Chattooga River Group

The Chattooga River Group was created through a joint effort with the county and the chamber. The group's main goal is to make the river more enjoyable, safer, and a great place to be.