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Dog Days

I love dogs. My husband and I have three now in our merged home; he had one, I had one, and we inherited one. I love the Subaru commercials, especially the "Teenagers" one (click for video). Too funny! I have been watching them on YouTube since I bought a Subaru Forester. Cats are cool, too, like the one that cut off the dogs in the parking Subaru commercial...

Yikes, I digress.

So, it's August. What good is August? There are no holidays, and summer heat just seems to go on FOREVER! August is that transitional month where if you love summer, you may be sad that it's winding down or that it means school is back in session. If you love fall, like I do, it seems summer will NEVER end.

Change is inevitable, and not just with the seasons.

We had a recent major change in July: We got the bad news that Showa (Best) is closing down it's manufacturing plant in Menlo next month. Employees got their 8-week notice. As we strive to get people back to work post-COVID, we may see much of our workforce in a transitional phase: changing jobs, starting up their own business, or not working at all. On the positive side--- job openings are prevalent these much so that many businesses are struggling to keep their doors open for lack of staff. That's not so good. Here in Chattooga County, it seems there are Help Wanted signs everywhere! Companies are competing for workers and upping their game by raising pay rates and/or adding benefits. (check out our local job market list)

How do we get people back to work? REGIONAL JOB LISTINGS: Click this link for the live Google document. If you have a job to post, please contact us at 706.857.4033 or

Cindy Rivers McGraw

Executive Director, Chattooga Chamber


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