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RE-gifting isn't a bad thing

Happy New Year! It's that time of year when we make our resolutions to do and be better. What a blessing to have permission to REboot, REnew, and REfresh our lives and attitudes!

Is it possible to REgift everything that was given to me in 2021? I guess that list would be rather large if I count my daily blessings for an entire year. Even though I went through two huge losses when my parents passed away within ten months of each other, I don't feel that they were taken away from me. As I said previously, my home is within me, and my parents were the foundation of that home. It's not a physical place, so they are still with me. They gave me love, security, and taught me to be a reliable, compassionate and positive influence on others through leadership, stewardship and by sharing my gifts and talents as part of the community.

My list:

Each day I woke with a roof over my head. The bed was not always comfortable, and sleep didn't always come easily, but I had enough rest to get me through the day.

Each day I got my fill and never went to bed hungry or worrying about my next meal.

Each day I was able to wash the day off my back or get a fresh start with a morning shower.

Each day I was able to put on freshly laundered clothes. I always had shoes for my feet, but sometimes I enjoyed walking barefoot through the grass.

Each day I had time with someone I love and with someone who loves me.

Each day I heard music, read at least one Bible verse, and looked out a window or walked outside.

Each day I thought about the most important people in my life.

Each day I felt peace and was not afraid.

Looking back over this list, I realized that I must be totally honest with myself. Too many days in my life, but I'm focusing now on 2021...WAY TOO MANY DAYS, I carried with me impatience with and grudges against others, selfish resentments (Are there any other kinds?), judgements of "flaws" I saw in people or situations, disappointments because my plans were not fulfilled, and prideful memories of my successes as trophies in my mind. Those are not gifts I want to pay forward!

Here is my New Year's Resolution for 2022---One day at a time, one blessing and struggle at a time, I will strive to be thankful for what I have, what I can do, and who I know and love. I will cherish each and appreciate that love is ALWAYS something I can REgift.

Cindy Rivers McGraw Learning to not give these looks.


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