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What can I do?

Community refresh- take a long hard look at your community, whatever that is to you, and DO SOMETHING to make it better for you and for others.

It's easier to start with ourselves---what can I do to improve me...all of me, physically, mentally, and spiritually? The world convinces us that we must do this to fit in. I disagree. I believe those motives are shallow and are not self-sustaining because the world is fickle and moves on to the next shiniest object or fad. If, however, we choose to improve ourselves in order to be a healthy, happy, and productive* part of the whole---our family / neighborhood / community / society, AND we have the support of the whole, then the whole benefits as much as the individual. That's how equity works to create a vital community.

Instead of complaining about others, can we agree that it would be better to ask ourselves, ask our family, ask our supervisors, ask our co-workers, ask our church, ask our elected officials...How can I help you?

*productive=achieving or producing a significant amount or result.


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