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who's with me?

So, did you resolve to delete, add or change something when the new year came rolling in some 31 days ago? Maybe you wanted to kick some bad habits, add some quality time or eat a diet more Mediterranean (yeah, I had to look up how to spell that one).

Hang in there! I hear that if you do something for 15 days in a row, it's sticks---it becomes a habit ;) Think it will work on communities? I do. But I'm not so naive to think it will happen overnight or with just me, but that's where I'm going to start because me is the only one I can work on. As Michael Jackson sang, "I'm starting with the man (or woman, in my case) in the mirror."

We have several challenges in this community, as all communities do, though

they're not the same challenges, and they don't carry the same weight or get solved in the same way. Litter is a pet peeve of mine, one of my pet peeves. So, starting today, because it drives me crazy, for the next 15+ days, if I see it and have the ability to pick it up and dispose of it properly, I will do it. I can't promise I will always post a picture, but I will give a good try. (this is not from around here. If I post pictures, it will be on my FB.)

As Barney Fife said, "Crime starts with litter."

We can start a movement to Clean Up Chattooga

before mowing season, and it becomes a huge problem!

Who's with me?


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